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Play for Peace, Bangalore | March 21-22 2015


One sunny weekend, 59 people gathered at Army Public School to play- surpassing all barriers of age, caste, creed, gender and culture!

Andres Armas, Sarah Gough, Agyat Mitra and Swati Bhatt were the facilitators for the Play for Peace Trainer Workshop. The games we played were modified and first originated in various Play for Peace workshops from all over the world. We had games from South Sudan, Guatemala, Pakistan, etc. We went home those two days chanting “Dibi Dibi Dappe” and “Baranga-tanga-tanga” under our breaths!

Both days passed by in a blur of laughter, learning and games. There were indoor games, games with props, games from Guatemala like “Shazam”, and outdoor games like “Lanes & Avenues”. It was liberating to let ourselves go and be children once again, without a care in the world.

One of the major highlights of Play for Peace India was its diversity. There were 59 people ranging from ages 4 to 64, from three continents and at least six countries. Participants comprised students, college graduates, working professionals, entrepreneurs and retirees. Communication took place in three languages- English, Spanish and Kannada. Andres Armas had us spellbound as he led the gaming sessions peppered with brilliant anecdotes from Guatemala. We’d like to thank Sarah Gough for translating the session from Spanish to English. Vinay P Chandra and Shalini Bai deserve special mention here for helping with English-Kannada translations!

By the end of the workshop, we realized that each one of us had contributed in our own capacity as a participant, and somewhere along the way we found each other and forged meaningful friendships. Thank you everyone- for the wonderful company, all the laughs, and for being a part of such a unique experience! We’d also like to thank FSL IndiaQuest Alliance and Makkala Jagriti  for helping us support this event. Also, our thanks to Visual Raaga for documenting the event.

To get a glimpse of how much fun everyone had, check out our short video here, complete with bloopers and all!


About Play for Peace: Play for Peace is about creating opportunities for people to experience themselves without any fear and judgement on a consistent basis. By offering this experience you help people/children realise themselves, their potential. Learn how to create inclusive experiences for any diverse group to connect, find common grounds, understand how to create human right perspective of equity, inclusion and social justice. 

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