What we do

Opportunities for Middle India — We feel the greatest opportunity for growth lies in the population of middle income group in India – families who have access to food, shelter, basic health and sanitation facilities and access to education – what they lack is exposure and experiences that can fuel aspirations, build a world perspective and opportunities that can add value to their overall learning experiences as children and youth.

  • Circle Up

    Our biggest focus is to build a collective that can share their passion, skills and vision that can add value and meaning to learning experiences of children, youth and communities in middle income groups. Through learning circles like FUN(N) Saturdays, we hope to strengthen this circle where individuals can benefit from equal work opportunities through our projects, using experiential learning methodologies in diverse contexts such as inter cultural learning, conflict, gender sensitivity, climate change and more.

  • Build Partnerships


    A strong network in the development sector, our access to educator community and diverse skills can benefit a corporate organization that is aiming to create positive impact and build opportunities for children, youth and communities in ‘Middle India’. The team’s early exposure in branding, marketing, communications, public relations and corporate social responsibility empowers Educators Collective to connect the dots effectively.

  • Facilitate Platforms


    We believe in creating and sustaining a climate of dialogues through conferences, jams, public talks and panel discussions that can strengthen voices and visibility for educators, youth and organizations. We are equipped to design and deliver these opportunities keeping them fun, creative and meaningful for all stakeholders.

FUN(N) Saturdays

Born in March 2013, the term FUN(N) has been coined by Karl Rohnke. It stands for Functional Understanding Necessary and Functional Understanding Not Necessary. A lead facilitator shares a skill for 180 minutes, on a Saturday, with the group. Read what PYE Global has to say about the initiative.

This program runs only on gift culture and anyone, anywhere can call us to organize or lead a FUN(N) Saturday.