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Avsar – From 12 to 251 Members, in 18 Months. Call for Applications!

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After 16 sessions in 18 months, connecting over 251 enthusiasts, learners and practitioners of experiential education in Bangalore…. things are changing!

(Photo from Times of India Article, Page 2, Column – City & Citizens. 2nd Feb 2015)

Here are 3 things that changed about FUN(N) Saturdays:

1) FUN(N) Saturday is now Avsar: The name changed, the content and format has not! Avsar means ‘an opportunity’ in many languages. Read the next point to know why we changed the name.

2) Avsar is ready to scale: Supported by new allies and partnersFUN(N) Saturdays is all set to go into smaller towns and Tier 2 cities this year. Thanks to you!

3) Avsar is looking for leaders: Volunteers/organisers across locations. Here is what they will do:

Avsar Organisers are above 18 years of age, actively engaged in local social groups & initiatives. You are located not just in big cities but will pave new roads in rural and tier 2 settings. You will organise one gathering each month, helping us grow and network with many more experiential educators. Over time you will build and manage this local group. An Avsar organiser will commit to a minimum of one year. You will play a host to each Avsar gathering in your village, town and city

Application are open till 30th March 2015. Please find the form here. (Click to View). Join us!

FUN(N) Saturdays is now called Avsar!

A social experiment started in March 2013, that gave birth to Educators Collective, a for-profit social enterprise . We are now a community of over 251 crazy practitioners & enthusiasts of Experiential Learning.

FUN(N) is a term coined by Karl Rohnke and stands for Functional Understanding Necessary (FUN) and Functional Understanding Not Necessary (FUNN).

FUN(N) Saturday is built on a simple belief that educators need to constantly engage, up skill and unlearn in order to create meaningful experiences for those they work with. Step 1 is always ‘transformation of self’. Run and managed by educators for educators, once a month, FUN(N) Saturday runs on gift culture. A lead facilitator shares his/her skills through a 180 minute session. This can include photography, theatre, arts & crafts, outdoors, inclusive gaming, puppetry, storytelling and more. Participants get to add a new skill to their basket, network, unlearn and have fun.

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