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Avsar, August 2015: Wood as a Medium

Avsar Aug

As part of our monthly initiative Avsar – an educators gathering, we decided to explore the medium of wood for workshop design. The session was hosted and facilitated by THE Workshop, a maker & mentor space – perhaps the only one we know of in North Bangalore.

It was great to see all of you and we welcome all the new members into the Avsar Circle!

What did we explore and talk about during these 3 hours?

1) Bringing back the DIY culture and being self sufficient. Not waiting for a carpenter or plumber to fix it!

2) Carpentry as a medium in itself – the touch, feel and smell of wood! Having to plan all resources, knowing our tools, cutting with precision and focus to build something new! Our facilitator, Anna Viegas Dmello, Co Founder of Think Happy Everyday, says ‘Measure twice, Cut once!’

3) Sensitisation towards invisible job roles and people around us. Carpenters, plumbers and other odd jobs… are often inherited from generation to generation, and in Indian context has caste and class influence on the jobs we do. The experience of 3 hours of physical labor encouraged a new appreciation for people who run and manage our cities and homes everyday.

4) Craig Dmello, Co Founder, Think Happy Everyday, says “We hope to chisel people’s thinking process through this creative space we started in Nagwara, Bangalore. Coming together and building new things, will allow us abandon the mindset of ‘making do’ and encourage us to ‘make and do’ things!

5) The medium is also great to teach mathematics (what does an Inch really mean?), life skills development, team building and innovation are various aspects, our participants identified as potential program outcomes when designed meaningfully!

6) Yes, we made a low table, that will soon find its way into a pre school for children to use! Hurray!

Watch this space for the September announcement of Avsar, where we will explore more of the known and unknown!

Thank you Anna, Craig and Reuben for hosting us and all the participants for committing their time to build new things!

More energy!

Educators Collective Team

About THE Workshop: A cross-disciplinary design research initiative. Find them on FB here (Click to view)

About Educators Collective : A community of educators passionate about experiential education, channeling our skills and energy into India’s low and middle income groups. 

About Avsar: A monthly initiative by Educators Collective, that has connected over 260 ‘people in education’ within Bangalore since March 2013. Join us at or twitter @ecollectivein or FB Page (Click to view)


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