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5 Takeaways from the 17th FUN(N) Saturday!


The 17th FUN(N) Saturday (Prop Gaming-‘Flip the Cards’) brought together 18 enthusiastic individuals in Cubbon Park. Amidst laughter and play, we understood the larger context of our gaming activity in Experiential Learning methodology. Large doses of creativity, humour and silliness contributed to a great and rejuvenating learning environment.

We divided ourselves in two groups. 13 distinct playing cards (from A to K) were placed face down on the grass in no particular order, in front of each group. The objective was to flip the cards in ascending order in the least possible time. It took each group several minutes of harried brainstorming, wild gesticulations while running back and forth in turns to pounce on cards and frantic attempts at memorization, to achieve our purpose.

Here are five things we discovered under the tree that sunny afternoon.

1) Effective Facilitation- We observed that the key to good facilitation is being unobtrusive while managing to keep the activity interesting, playful and creative. We bounced ideas off of each other and asked questions during the debriefing session at the end. Participants were invited to facilitate and receive feedback. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Madhumathi for spiritedly stepping in to facilitate a hypothetical scenario!

2) Rapidly changing group dynamics- It’s incredible how much the dynamics of a group are altered under changing circumstances. The exchange of members within groups helped bring versatility and prevented ideas from getting stale. This little change exposed us to new methods, different communication styles and fresh strategies.

3) Less is more- A pack of playing cards, unbridled enthusiasm and some energy was all it took to learn something new and discover potential we never realised we had.

4) Strategy building- Everyone has a strategy, but we were required to collectively come up with one in the least amount of time. This is where we learnt that listening to one another helps. Plenty of rationalization, team building and new rules ensued!

5) Second chances- The second time round after groups were shuffled, we were quicker on the uptake; each group proved more productive with better time management. The process of flipping the cards again was perceptibly smoother because we had inadvertently figured out a balance between accuracy and speed.

The 18th FUN(N) Saturday for December 2014 will be announced soon. Here’s to more bucketloads of fun, laughter and learning!

Thank you all for your support. See you soon!

Have FUNN,

Shilpa Gopal

Social Media Coordinator,

Educators Collective


About FUN(N) Saturdays:

FUN(N) Saturdays is a social experiment, a monthly initiative started in March 2013 that led to the birth of Educators Collective, a for profit organisation that works for collaborative change, with a focus on low & middle income groups in India.

A lead facilitator is invited to share his/her skill or passion with the group for 180 minutes. FUN(N) Saturday is organised once a month on a Saturday evening and runs on gift culture, exploring different themes each time. The goal is to build a community of educators in India, giving them a face and a voice, a platform that celebrates and up skills them consistently. The term FUNN is coined by Karl Rohnke. It stands for Functional Understanding Necessary and Functional Understanding Not Necessary!

Over a year, we have reached 251 highly passionate and skilled individuals who come from different backgrounds including arts, theatre, sustainability, dancing, music, sports, filmmaking, photography, puppeteers, activists,  conservationists, academia, classroom teachers, parents, home schoolers, youth workers, adventure/outdoor leaders, corporate trainers, experiential educators… and the list grows wilder!

To know more, participate, organise or lead a FUN(N) Saturday, please write to us on


About Educators Collective:

A for profit organisation, committed towards community building of experiential educators channeling their energy, skills and work into low and middle income groups of India.

Stay connected to us on our FB Page, see here and follow our Twitter handle @ecollectivein. We are now on Google+ too, see here. You can also join (Group Name: Experiential and Outdoor Educators of India).

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