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16th FUN(N) Saturday: Laal Pari, Film Screening


Hosted by Beaglesloft – an innovation space for startups in  Bangalore, the 16th FUN(N) Saturday screened a film called Laal Pari, directed by Sadiya Halima.

22 enthusiastic participants watched the film together, had a Q&A with Sadiya on Skype and networked over snacks & drinks sponsored by Beaglesloft.

Laal Pari is a film follows an illiterate woman sarpanch in Bihar and her road to empowerment, getting elected for the second term in her own terms! The film has been screened all over in UK & USA. This was its public screening in Bangalore.

The intent of the 16th FUN(N) Saturday was also to understand the power of films in education. Over the networking break, participants discussed the role of films inside and outside classrooms and facilitating conversations with youth.

Thank you Sadiya Halima, Beaglesloft and all the participants for makign this happen!

About FUN(N) Saturday:

FUN(N) Saturdays is a social experiment, a monthly initiative started in March 2013 that led to the birth of Educators Collective, a for profit organisation that works for collaborative change, with a focus on low & middle income groups in India.

A lead facilitator is invited to share his/her skill or passion with the group for 180 minutes. FUN(N) Saturday is organised once a month on a Saturday evening and runs on gift culture, exploring different themes each time. The goal is to build a community of educators in India, giving them a face and a voice, a platform that celebrates and up skills them consistently. The term FUNN is coined by Karl Rohnke. It stands for Functional Understanding Necessary and Functional Understanding Not Necessary!

Over a year, we have reached 200 highly passionate and skilled individuals who come from different backgrounds including arts, theatre, sustainability, dancing, music, sports, filmmaking, photography, puppeteers, activists,  conservationists, academia, classroom teachers, parents, home schoolers, youth workers, adventure/outdoor leaders, corporate trainers, experiential educators… and the list grows wilder!

To know more, participate, organise or lead a FUN(N) Saturday, please write to us on

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